The people behind Monchard Watches

We’ve always loved the mechanical wonders of our world, planes, boats, cars or watches. They all have a special place in our hearts. They seem to captivate us humans with an almost life like spirit and to create our own little technological wonder has been a life long dream.

We chose to honour the spirit of flight with this – our first watch under the Monchard name. The “Skytoucher GMT” is an homage to the “fliegers” of yesteryear. The steely eyed men and women who wore the first pilot watches into the unknown all deserve our respect and admiration.

We wanted to create a timepiece that would stand out, that would say something about it’s bearer. We wanted it to have the feel of adventure, of pioneering and exploration about it, and we feel that we have done that quite to the point. A watch for us is a tool, something that is made to be used and that serves a purpose. With the “Skytoucher GMT” we’ve tried to modernise the old “flieger” watch and add even more usability to an already proven and tested design.

The Automatic, the refined sibling to the GMT, sits in an all polished case, and with it’s sunburst dials and applied markers it surely is as elegant as the GMT is rugged. Being siblings, they share the case and the caseback among other details, but they are worlds apart in appearance. 

We hope you’ll enjoy our watches as much as we’ve enjoyed designing them.

Thank you for considering us for your next watch purchase!